Applied Water Technologies, located in Watertown(Arsenic Water Aberdeen SD), offers leading products and systems from Hague Water. Whether you require installations, inspections, or repairs, our professional technicians can get your water systems back up and running in no time. From drinking to cooking to bathing, we offer solutions that provide you and your family with deliciously clear water whenever you need it.

Hague Water a trusted, major water treatment manufacturer and we proudly provide their systems to our customers. With quite the name within the water treatment industry, as well as various awards, Applied Water Technologies dedicated to bringing you the best systems in the market today. Hague Water is known for top-shelf technology that also boasts an earth-friendly approach to water softeners and similar systems. All Hague products manufactured in-house, which ensures a quality experience right upon installation.

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Is lead a concern in the water supply of Mitchell, South Dakota?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, specific information about lead levels in Mitchell’s water supply may not be readily available. It is advisable to contact the local water utility or environmental agency for the most up-to-date water quality reports. If lead is a concern, they can provide information on testing and mitigation measures.

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How can I test my water for lead in Mitchell, SD?

To test for lead in your water, you can contact the local health department or water utility for guidance. They may provide testing services or recommend certified laboratories. Home testing kits are also available. But it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully. If lead detected, it’s crucial to take appropriate measures to address the issue. Such as installing a water filtration system certified for lead removal.

What steps can I take to reduce lead exposure from drinking water in Mitchell, SD?

  • If lead is a concern in your water, consider the following steps:
    • Run cold water for at least 1-2 minutes before using it for drinking . Or cooking to flush out any stagnant water that may contain lead.
    • Use only cold water for drinking and cooking, as hot water is more likely to leach lead from pipes.
    • Consider installing a certified water filter specifically designed to remove lead.
    • If your home was built before 1986, have your plumbing inspected. As lead pipes and solder were commonly used in plumbing systems before that time.
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