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Water Coolers

Enjoy unrivaled water purity and 

reduce single-use plastic waste

Only Waterlogic’s patented Firewall® technology purifies water up to 99.9999% and is scientifically proven to be effective against the human form of COVID-19.
Office water dispensers with Firewall® purification

Remove up to 99.999% of COVID-19

Explore our range of mains fed water dispensers perfect for offices. Enjoy the purest and greatest tasting water with our unique and innovative purification tech whilst reducing your impact on the environment. Only Waterlogic offers:

  • Highly certified Firewall® UVC COVID-secure water purification
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection† to protect our unit’s surfaces
  • Hands-free operation to keep your employees safely hydrated

†BioCote® has not been tested or proven effective against SARS-CoV-2.

Better thinking, better water, better for you, better for the planet

At Waterlogic, everything starts with the way we think about water

Behind every drop of Waterlogic water are years of knowledge, innovation and experience to deliver highly purified water in the safest, most sustainable and cost-effective way. Over 50 million people a day enjoy great-tasting water and service that is second-to-none. 

  • H3500 Reverse Osmosis SYSTEM FEATURES

Unrivaled purity 

Enjoy great-tasting, purified water with every glass 

Our unique technology is a big part of who we are and how we deliver purity and security in the most sustainable way, guaranteeing outstanding quality for your total peace of mind.

  • Patented Firewall® UVC technology is proven 99.999% effective against COVID-19.
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection restricts the growth of bacteria and mould around the dispensing area.
  • High performance filters remove contaminants reducing unpleasant tastes and smells.

BioCote® technology does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices. BioCote® has not been tested or proven effective against SARS-CoV-2.

The world’s most highly certified water dispensers

Trust world-renowned certifications to prove water quality

Inspired by innovation and an environmental conscience, we embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products that are highly certified.

Independently tested and highly certified, guaranteeing outstanding standards of quality for your total peace of mind.

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