Joel Urban

Joel Urban – Owner
I grew up in a home where water treatment was in our blood. My Father (1950-1970) and my brother (1970-1990) were in the water treatment industry in Eastern SD.Joel Urban
But being a serial entrepreneur, I left the family business In search of my own dreams were I worked extensively in the restaurant and construction industries.
In 2008 I started realizing how fragile life was and started a quest for better health! It’s been a journey, but in looking at better health and preventative health care, it just made sense to look at better water. Where everyone else was looking at soft water, I started looking at clean water!
Little did I know that this quest would lead me back full circle to the family business of water treatment. When I discovered the equipment that we now represent, I installed it in my home. I couldn’t understand why more people were not talking about clean water and that is when I realized that everyone deserved to know what I now knew that soft water is not clean water. And that’s when the entrepreneurial bug bit me once again.
What we have is not the same water treatment equipment that my dad and brother sold, and frankly not the equipment everyone else sells. I invite you to step into my world and learn the difference. We strive for extreme customer service long after the sale. We’re not happy unless you’re happy!
I am married with 3 Sons and have 5 granddaughters.
I am passionate about better health, family values, family ties that bind. And I enjoy the outdoors, riding motorcycle, old cars, traveling, spending time with family and visiting with good

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