Bob Kruger

I started my career as an accountant. I was with an accounting firm for ten years. I then took a comptrollers position for four years. In 1983 we started a construction company. Our company was a pavement maintenance company. Our customers were private property owners, city street departments, and county, state and federal highway departments.
I sold that business in 2015. In which after I was a self-employed sales rep for several companies selling a variety of products.
One thing I was very passionate about through my 30 years of selling was that I only sold high quality products that I believed in. I never wanted to make and excuse for the poor quality.
When Joel, the owner of Applied Water Technologies, approached me to market his products, I researched the product line he was marketing. I was very impressed with the Hague line of Water Conditioning products, the warranty, and the fact that it was 100% made in the USA. And with my accounting background I have to say this equipment makes perfect sense. It has been a pleasure to help customers get good clean water. And a pleasure to partner with Applied Water Technologies who exemplifies the best intentions in customer satisfaction, service with product lines designed to improve life and health.
I have been married to my wife Harriett for 56 years. We have one daughter and two sons, and 7 grandchildren. We enjoy spending time with our family, watching our grandsons play football and wrestle, and fishing with my granddaughter. I also enjoy archery hunting and pheasant hunting.

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