Applied Water Technologies, located in Watertown(Arsenic Water Aberdeen SD), offers leading products and systems from Hague Water. Whether you require installations, inspections, or repairs, our professional technicians can get your water systems back up and running in no time. From drinking to cooking to bathing, we offer solutions that provide you and your family with deliciously clear water whenever you need it.

Hague Water is a trusted, major water treatment manufacturer and we proudly provide their systems to our customers. With quite the name within the water treatment industry, as well as various awards, Applied Water Technologies is dedicated to bringing you the best systems in the market today. Hague Water is known for top-shelf technology that also boasts an earth-friendly approach to water softeners and similar systems. All Hague products are manufactured in-house, which ensures a quality experience right upon installation.

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Is fluoride added to the drinking water in Brookings, South Dakota?

The decision to add fluoride to the drinking water in Brookings, South Dakota, is determined by local water authorities. It’s advisable to contact the local water utility or the city government to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding water fluoridation practices in the area.

What are the benefits of water fluoridation?

Fluoridation of drinking water is a public health measure aimed at preventing tooth decay. Fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel and can significantly reduce the incidence of cavities, especially in children. It is considered a safe and effective way to improve dental health across communities.

Can residents in Brookings, SD, control the level of fluoride in their tap water?

The level of fluoride in tap water is typically regulated by the local water treatment authorities. Residents do not have direct control over the fluoride content in their tap water. If individuals have specific concerns about fluoride levels, they can contact the local water utility to inquire about the current practices and policies in place.

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