Arsenic is a toxic chemical that can lead to health problems including cancer, skin changes, and liver damage. Some contaminated water sources may have levels high enough to make you sick or kill you if you drink it. A blog article about Arsenic Water Brookings South Dakota

Arsenic Water Brookings South Dakota

Arsenic is a poison that can cause cancer. Ingesting arsenic can also cause skin lesions, nausea and vomiting, and impaired breathing. Arsenic is most commonly found in water contaminated with arsenic, which is why people in areas with high concentrations of the toxin should avoid drinking or using the water.

In Brookings South Dakota, levels of arsenic in the water are much higher than the safe level set by the EPA. In fact, many parts of the state have arsenic levels that exceed 50 parts per billion (ppb). The highest concentration of arsenic in water was found near Devils Tower National Monument.

The problem with arsenic contamination isn’t just that it’s dangerous to drink; it also affects human health through exposure to air and soil. As long as arsenic remains in groundwater or surface water, it can continue to leach into these sources and contaminate them.

The state government has responded to the issue by issuing advisories for residents to drink bottled water or use filters when using tap water. They’ve also started testing wells for contamination and working to Restore affected areas with vegetation and soil treatments.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home

One of the most important is water quality. Arsenic water is a thing that shouldn’t exist, and it’s happening right here in South Dakota.There have been several cases of arsenic contamination in homes in Brookings County, South Dakota. The problem started with faulty well construction and has since led to arsenic leaching from the rock formations into groundwater supplies. This water has been detected at high levels of arsenic, which can be dangerous for humans and animals. You may also want to consider other aspects of the area – like schools – before making an offer on a property.


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